Farming Practices

Brown’s Grove is a conventional grower of citrus and produce.   Our growing practices are vastly different then large commercial farm operations. Primarily synthetic fertilizers are used but we only fertilize as needed and always prevent run off of nutrients into waterways that cause damage to our eco system.


We use primarily organically approved pesticides in our production of vegetables and we never use menthol bromide or soil fumigants injected into the soil. Instead we use crop rotation and by doing so it allows the land to go fallow for a period of time and therefore reducing the soil nematodes in place of fumigation with gases applied to the soil.


We farm vegetables on plastic bed covering to prevent weed growth and eliminate the use of herbicides. Low volume drip and micro jet irrigation is used to conserve water usage. Much of the vegetable varieties we grow are open pollinated heirloom type varieties and we choose to use Non GMO seed sources whenever possible.


At our farmer market locations you will find produce we grow marked “Grown on our Farm” during the growing season. Varieties we don’t grow ourselves we obtain from other local growers and many of our neighboring farms. Our family is very sensitive to protection of our environment and natural resources by using the best management practice in our farming operation. We are dedicated to growing citrus and vegetables on a sustainable farming operation for you and your family!


The Brown Family